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Mazda RX-7 TwinTurbo

Turbocharger: Basic operation and some troubleshooting hints...

The Twin-Turbo setup for these cars requires constant monitoring, and some maintenance to provide reliable factory boost levels when you need it the most ;-). Follow this link to more details than you probably want to know, but should, if you drive and maintain your 3rd Gen RX-7.

Twin Turbo Icon/PictureTurbocharger Overview, (quick summary of what operates when)

Turbocharger Troubleshooting, (for all the details and helpful hints, go here)

Turbocharger FAQ's, (other related questions)

Turbocharger Symptoms, (my boost pattern is x-y-z, so check these parts)

Troubleshooting Sequential Turbocharger problems:

Most of the problems with the Turbochargers is not the Turbochargers themselves, but the Control System for the Turbochargers.

Prior to attempting any Turbocharger troubleshooting get a boost gauge and install it. The boost gauge is your primary instrument to monitor the general health of your turbochargers. It is also highly recommended that you get the boost gauge BEFORE you have any problems so you will be able to notice what is different.

The most common problems are from leaking boosted air, or vacuum hoses popping off solenoids or actuators that are supplied air from the Pressure Tank or directly from the Primary Turbocharger compressor. So don't sweat it when the turbochargers suddenly don't work, as it is most likely something to do with the Control System.

This troubleshooting guide assumes you have a shop manual, Pages F-7, F-10 are good diagrams. Also read F-84 through F-93 before going any further. There is also a colored version of the diagram on F-10, Vacuum Diagram.

Here are some other things that will hopefully help you with your 3rd Gen 1993-1995 Mazda RX-7.

What's New?

Cooling System Flow Diagram

Lubrication System Flow Diagram

ECU Mapping

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