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Note this is a work in progress.

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Primary Only 4,500 RPM Primary and Secondary Check
Solid 7 psi Solid 7 psi Solid 7 psi Missing pills for Wastgate and/or Turbo Pre-Control Actuators.

Wastegate and Turbo Pre-Control Solenoids are elctrcially unplugged.

Spikes above 14 psi   Spikes above 14 psi Hose from Primary Turbo Compressor to Wastegate and/or Turbo Pre-Control Actuators has popped off.
Solid 12 psi   5 psi or less One of the vacuum hoses connected to the pressure tank, pressure tank chack valve, or hose between turbo and check valve. They will come off again unless the hose is replaced or zip-tie it at both ends.
Hear boost leak   Hear boost leak Y-Pipe coupler